How To Register A Company In Dubai Free Zone With Launchpad
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How to Register a Company in Dubai


How to Register a Company in Dubai

Dubai is a business-friendly place in UAE, where the registration of a company is really easy with well professional experts’ team of the service provider.

Before you go ahead with the process of setting up your business, you should be aware of the business categories detail in Dubai, UAE.

There are 2 categories where you can register a company in Dubai;
1. Register as Free Zone Company – a business that 100% owned by the person who set it up a company. You don’t require a sponsor or an agent to act as a liaison to manage the venture. There is no restriction tying you down.

Dubai Free Zones Benefits:
• 100% Ownership
• Can be formed by only one individual
• You can open a bank account in Dubai
• 100% Secrecy maintained
• 0% Tax
• Less Renewal Charges
• Can be upgraded to anytime
• You can do international business
• Can do multiple activities

2. Get register in Dubai Economic Department- the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government entity for issuing all licenses for corporate entities or individuals who desire to carry out business in the mainland of Dubai outside the free zones. A DED licensed enterprise is often known as a “local company”. In an effort to facilitate doing business in Dubai, DED acts as a one-window service centre for all local companies. However, unlike a free zone, you cannot own 100% of the company and will require a local sponsor (UAE National) or local service agent based on the activity that you choose.

Launchpad co-working FZCO service provider company linked with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Free zone competitive Free zone service provider company offering in the UAE (License Fee AED 7,500, No Mandate Visa, 100% Ownership License). This company is cost-effective for entrepreneurs to and is easy to register with a team of professional experts. Also, you can visit Dubai silicon oasis authority to register a company.
For the Dubai Economic Department, you have to visit their service office to get a good and fair deal with registering your company in Dubai, UAE.

Launchpad Co-working FZCO in association with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority gives you access to any professional license activities. For more info visit our website