How To Set Up An Accounting Firm In Dubai
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How to Set Up an Accounting firm in Dubai


How to Set Up an Accounting firm in Dubai

How to Set Up an Accounting firm in Dubai

With Launchpad, Accounting Business setup in Dubai has become extremely easy. Thanks to Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority for giving us a opportunity to support startups and young entrepreneurs by helping them to reach their dreams in Emirates. We help in various business setup activities likes Legal firms, Branding, Advertising, Market Research, Fashion, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Design, Data Analyst, Blogging, Secretarial Services and many more.

Here are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill to start a accounting business.

1. Degree in Accounting
It is important that you have a degree in accounting or relevant fields in order to own an accounting firm in Dubai. You must also have a certificate that is proof that you are a veritable accountant. The degree that you hold must also be a recognized one. The services in the UAE are kept professional by regulation relating to your experience and knowledge. This is one of the reasons why UAE has become such an attractive place for businesses.

2. Professional License
To start an accounting firm in Dubai you have to apply for a professional license in Dubai which is typically issued by the Dubai Economic Department.

3. Office Space

How Launchpad Co Working Community Supports you?

With Launchpad membership at AED 7,000, a year you will entitle to set up a company without leasing/renting an office space.

As an incentive to promote the startup community when you setup the business with Launchpad, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) gives special discount on their annual license fee.

How to start a accounting business?
How it works with Launchpad?
• Step 1: Become a member at Launchpad
• Step 2: Choose a Business activity, based on your idea (i.e accounting)
• Step 3: Submission of your Business plan and Business activity request to DSOA
• Step 4: Get notified of “Initial approval” from DSOA.
• Step 5: Submission of your Business plan and Business activity request to DSOA
• Step 5: Pay your license fees & the complete company formation formalities
• Step 6: Congratulations, you have your license.
Congratulations! You can legally start your accounting business in Dubai.

Benefits of Launchpad Coworking Space Membership:

• One seat at Qiso Café
• Affordable license
• Parking
• Wifi
• 2 visas
• Printing & Scanning
• Conference Room
• 20% off on cafe menu
• PRO services

Let our team of experts help you with the following:

• Consulting and Advising for license activity.
• Consulting for preparation of a Business plan.
• Applying for initial approval in DSOA.
• Navigating through DSOA procedures & guidelines to get your license.
• Setting up your Bank account.

The task of Business setup in Dubai might look overwhelming to someone who is new to the business world but it is not that tough really. In fact, Launchpad can provide you end-to-end business registration and company formation services for your accounting firm in Dubai. The firm’s offerings include support services like pro services to get all approvals and also bank account opening services that can help you focus on more important tasks for Business setup in Dubai.

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